Minecraft Will Take Over The World And Civilization Will Grind To A Halt

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Games - Saturday, April 16th, 2011

The human race is near its end, now that we’ve achieved our ultimate purpose. And since there’s no escape, we might as well get it over with as soon as possible. Here, go grab your Minecraft copy now – you will later, anyway! The entire human race will get hooked on this game, and then it will end.

Minecraft is the ultimate everything game. It’s all the video games in one, and though the graphics will surely have to improve over time, the gameplay is already as perfect as it can be. Remember how we look back on Doom and Wolfenstein 3D as primitive, but the only thing that’s changed with modern first-person shooters is the graphics? The same thing is going on here.

How insane does the addiction get? Here’s just some of the things players have built in this game:

Oh, yeah, and the game lets you do a lot of other things besides build. Grow your own crops. Fight monsters. Slaughter stock animals. Mine diamonds and wear a whole suit of diamond armor. Build traps. Ride pigs. Make music with music blocks. Build contraptions with circuitry.

What about the circuitry? Here we go again…

But beyond that, the game let’s you do just anything else at all. Such as:

All this, and the game’s still in Beta. They’re going to keep adding stuff to it forever, so eventually everything there is to do in real life will be replicated in Minecraft, and then we don’t need to live any more. You can never show anyone this game and not have them get addicted.

It will take over the world. There is no escaping it.

Just spread it as fast as you can and get it over with.

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