Money, Traffic and SEC during March

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Making Money Online - Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

March has been an amazing month for me and for this blog,
This is only my Second month with this blog (as Jan was only “Introduction”).
During that month I’ve done several important link exchange with some
Very interesting blogs (such as The Daily Hack, Hacked Gadgets, Nafcom’s Crap Blog & WebJourneyman) these guys could teach me one thing or anther about blogging.

During that month I’ve also added RSS & ATOM feeds for the enjoyment of readers who
Doesn’t like my ads, pictures, images or anything graphic at all. I’m the owner of
16 (give or take 15) proud (more or less) daily readers.. Yes.. Life couldn’t be better.

During March I’ve done 0 advertising, only regular DIGG posts & signature that are already
On my user account on must forums I’m at. This was more then enough to receive 10 times the traffic I’ve received during February.

Monthly Traffic

Sadly, it wasn’t enough to make a living out of it, as popular sites like Text-Link-Ads & ReviewME won’t accept me (yet) I’ve been left with Google Adsense & Chitika’s eMiniMall
Which generated me 6 Dollar and 23 Cents (and even those came from Google Adsense only)
But I cannot really complain as I receive around 60 Cents from each click (yes.. yes.. I had 10 clicks.. ) if you ask me, the main problem with Adsense and Blogs is the fact that must
Bloggers and Tech Related surfers (those who usually find interest in blog like this) have developed a Selective Reading habit.. They see the Ads but automatically ignore them
(Unless they are EXTREMELY targeted).

I’ve also decided to remove the Tag cloud, as suggested by so many surfers,
As much as I liked it, it seems to give the wrong impression, and the fact that I give WAY TOO MANY tags for each post doesn’t really help when a single word covers around 90% of the posts.

During March I’ve posted 21 Articles (I’m doing my best to raise it to One post per day, but it might take some more time) and 40 comments! I don’t care what you think.. It’s good! (Unless you deduct my comments then it’s not so good)

Feel free to join my First ever contest and possibly win Free USB humping dog, make sure you read all the rules. If you’ve got a burning topic in your head you’re more then welcome to
Give me a call on my Ask Me page, or contact me via one of the articles, I promises I’ll read it
And if it’s interesting enough I’ll Research, Read, Write and Publish (I cannot promises to do it in the following order)

Hopefully April would be even better for me and for you guys,
Thank you for reading and writing!
Free beers for everyone!

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6 Responses to “Money, Traffic and SEC during March”

  1. Nafcom Says:

    Thanks for the nice comment regarding my blog 🙂
    Glad the link exchange helped you and you like it, I do my best!
    If there is any hint you need or so, let me know.

  2. webjourneyman Says:

    Looking much better! Looking forward to reading you. Writing one post per day without sucking is not easy but nothing will boost return traffic like that. Studies show that if a visitor sees the same content on their second visit the chance of a return visit is reduced fifty %.

  3. Rea Maor Says:

    Thank you 😳
    indeed i hope to be able to post one post per day, not sure that it will always be quality post, but i guess Quantity is more important then quality (sometimes)

  4. Nafcom Says:

    I would not worry so much, infact I don’t post daily either since I have no time for it.

  5. Alan Says:

    Those numbers look good for a new blog. 🙂

    Keep up the good job.

  6. Making Money From The Blog ' Says:

    […] like if I said I’m not interested to seeing where this leads to, so just like Last month with ‘

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