New Rules Again, Because I Felt Like It

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

New Rule: Fantasy gaming players need their own personals site. – I’ll be happy to ignore the likely fact that if your life is all about being the Dungeons and Dragons equivalent of a “furry“, no woman would voluntarily have the same area code as you. But as long as your hope will spring eternal, Mr. Mojo Risin, we need a special place just for you. And take some Trekkies there with you.

hot ogre to go

New Rule: Six Apart is fired and LiveJournal needs new management. – When LiveJournal shut down about half of its sites due to censorship pressure from one group called “Warriors for Innocence“, everybody but LiveJournal management seemed to understand that the complaining group was a coven of hate-speech moonbats so extreme that al Qaeda would distance themselves. Yet not only did Live Journal bend to their whim like overcooked pasta, but they’ve repeated the offense under continued pressure. If you’re going to let an Aryan cult decide your user policy for you, you might as well sell your site to them and go home.

GNU cobwebs

New Rule: The HURD project has to give up. – GNU software has all but taken over the computing industry – it’s even so good that .DLL files on Windows use it! But one area where the GNU can’t seem to pull the cart is the HURD – the Free Software Foundation’s own operating system kernel. We’re going on 17 years of development now, and they still aren’t finished, despite help from Debian. When Microsoft can pump out several new versions of Windows faster than you can build a Unix kernel, something is amiss. But don’t despair, FSF! Emacs will always be your best operating system anyway.

New Rule: Stop pretending “The Matrix” wasn’t the crappiest science fiction movie series of all time. – It’s been four years since the last Matrix movie faded into the oblivion it so eagerly sought, and yet it’s still being viral-marketed at us like it was 2001. As science fiction concepts go, the idea that we are living in a computer simulation ranks right up there with time travel and flying saucer invasion of Earth in terms of ideas that were old before we ever heard of them. Can you say, “I have no imagination, and I must make a movie?

Oh, and “The Matrix” has also spawned its own religion. Far be it from me to criticize a good parody religion, but the keyword here is “good”. If you’re going to base your life on a blockbuster movie franchise, could you just move into Walmart while you’re at it?

But here, here’s the one cool part of “The Matrix” that we can save:

Because I’m down with green scrolling text!

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  1. SciScene Says:

    While the second and third movies in The Matrix series did not even come close to the first, by no means is The Matrix the crappiest Science Fiction series of all time. I’ll agree that the second and third movies were a disappointment when compared to the first but in no way is The Matrix a bad series.

    Just based on the original Matrix alone, this is a great SciFi series.

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