New Rules for the Internet: August 2007

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Linus Torvalds

New Rule: Linus Torvalds must grow some eyebrows. With his squint (what’s with the squint? is it that bright in Finland?), he looks like somebody Photoshopped Gimped a second pair of eyes onto his forehead.

New Rule: FOX News is no longer allowed to edit Wikipedia. Recently the story broke on O’Reilly Radar about how Wikipedia entries were being changed by FOX News (caught by the Wikiscanner tool) to show the FOX network in a more positive light. This information was later dutifully reported in the Wikipedia entry on the FOX News channel, according to the Google cache; look for the paragraph under “Controversies Wikipedia edits”. However, mysteriously, it is gone now. Gee, I wonder who wanted that incident stricken from the record?

New Rule: People have to stop sticking up for Novell. When Novell recently announced that they have no plans to sue anybody over Unix (now that a court has ruled that they, not the SCO Group, own Unix), the story on Slashdot was flooded with comments harping on why Novell couldn’t possibly sue anybody over Linux.

Baloney! Of course they could sue. They’re American! In America, you can sue the dry cleaner for $67 million over the emotional trauma you suffered when your pants came back ruined. Schizophrenics in America sue their imaginary friends. Yeah, Novell could launch any loony lawsuit they want to, at any time, just like SCO did. Quit crying about how we’re unfairly speculating on what Novell might do in the future. They’re a big, grown-up, publicly traded corporation; they can take of themselves.

Amiga A1000 computer

New Rule: We have to stop pining over the Amiga. The Amiga was taken away from us for a very good reason: we mortals are unworthy. The Gods accidentally let humans find out about it, but the Amiga system has since gone back to Mount Olympus where it belonged. Be happy with your PCs and Macs.

New Rule: People who take Second Life too seriously must not be surprised when the virtual economy collapses. You people do realize that you are, in fact, grown-up adults playing with electronic dolls in 3D dollhouses, right?

Microsoft's new logo

Finally, New Rule: Microsoft has to change their logo to this image instead. Because it’s just too cool to pass up.

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4 Responses to “New Rules for the Internet: August 2007”

  1. Webjourneyman Says:

    “However, mysteriously, it is gone now. ”

    It´s back, perhaps some of your reader?

  2. Dankoozy Says:

    that microsoft logo is awsoem!

  3. caclark Says:

    Why won’t Novell be bringing lawsuits against anyone for Linux?
    Because they haven’t done it and could have all along.
    Novell was never confused about who owned the Unix copyright…maybe SCO was.

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