Online Graphics Tools – part 1

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Image and Graphics - Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Web 2.0 promised us the “web as a platform”… so where the heck is it? It’s getting here, but slowly. Despite companies like Google and Adobe spinning lofty plans to provide it, “Photoshop in a browser” is still a long way off. But there are small, scattered graphics tools lying around out there, whose component parts could be put together into something some day…

Exif Data Viewer – This will take any image from your hard drive or the web and analyze it for all the data it can find. Depending on what file format it is (and hence what info is embedded in it), you can find out what color encoding it uses, bit depth, sub-sampling, file compression, color type, time of creation, and much more. You can even find out what version of Photoshop was used, or what brand of digital camera took the picture!

Name That Color – This handy app lets you drag in the box to select a color or enter a value in RGB, then it will tell you the name. Finally, people who think in color names and people who think in color hex codes can co-exist in peace!

Color Picker – This is a resource for web designers, where you can pick different color styles for text, link, visited, etc. It will preview it live and generate the CSS for you on the spot – how cool is that?

Color Schemer – The idea here is that you can pick a base color on the left, and the page will generate 16 colors in a palette that compliments that color. Useful if you’re designing your blog and you’re the kind of person who’s always dependent on your girlfriend to pick out matching shirts and pants so you don’t go out the door looking like a goof.

Color Palette Generator – This is the same concept of picking a color palette – but it works by uploading an image! So say you want to build your blog around this cool header graphic – just upload the graphic and it generates the colors you can use in the template which are guaranteed to compliment the image. How do they come up with this stuff?

Free icons – Really, what’s an icon anyway? They look easy to do, until you try to make a coherent picture at 16×16 resolution! N.Design offers these free with a few strings attached, or buy the set for $30 and use them like you own them.

MorPhases Editor – This one’s almost creepy. Generate a photographically realistic face. Good for getting a generic face, which you can then Photoshop or Gimp onto your subject, when you just can’t draw a face today.

ASCII-o-matic – Upload a picture, get it back as ASCII text graphics. There’s dozens of these on the web, but this one’s pretty smooth.

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