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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Hardware and Gadgets - Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Printer Whisperer iPhone App

Have you seen the little LCD a lot of printers have, the ones that usually display error messages and
let you know if your cartridges are empty? Well with this great iPhone app you will be able to
display whatever message you want on that little screen!

You can choose from pre-set messages such as “SKYNET ONLINE.” and “NEEDS MORE
COWBELL” or you can write your own.

Eddie’s El-Cheapo CIS
A continuous ink system or CIS allows you to constantly feed ink to the cartridges in your printer,
they are a really cheap way to run a printer. This website walks you through the process of
modding/hacking a printer so you can use it as a CIS. It’s definitely worth a look even if you don’t
have time to take apart your ink cartridges and mod them to death.

How To Make Your Printer Wireless has a very extensive guide on making you printer accessible wirelessly by sharing
a printer connected to a computer on your wifi, by connecting it to a router with a usb port, by
setting up a wireless print server and by purchasing a printer with wireless conectivity built in.

3D Chocolate Lego Printer
This instructable guides you through the process of creating probably one of the most amazing
combination of awesomeness ever: A 3D chocolate printer made from Lego!

The creator states that the guide is incomplete but still shows a lot of the steps on how he created
this lump of pure awesome.

Modify a Canon Pixma Printer to Print on CDs and DVDs
This one is for anyone in the US with a Canon Pixma. In Europe the Pixma already comes with a
CD printing ability, but it was disabled in the US for some reason (probably due to licences). The
instructables user guides you on how to enable the feature again and how to create a CD tray.

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