Signature Goldmine

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Sunday, May 27th, 2007

You have all those wonderful friends on the Internet. You’ve even managed to teach a few family members how to accept and read emails. This in itself can be a task with some of the tech challenged people that think a computer is just for quick and simple games of solitaire!

You have even managed to create a really cool blog site. It has the graphics and even a movie or two for people to watch. The difficulty lies in getting others to come and visit. You’ve done the proper keyword placement and even registered with search engines. But you missed an important part of the Internet goldmine, your signature.

Your signature is a valuable part of the Internet goldmine. Remember all those people you taught to read and send emails? How about all those friends you made on a user group? Email programs have signature lines that you don’t have to type over and over. These little lines allow you to put a link in them. You guessed it. That link should go to your blog, website or any other place you’ve worked hard to create.

People are nosy creatures and a signature that prompts friends and family to ‘œclick here to see my’ blank will definitely peak the curiosity of a few people in your email address book. The next thing you know they just had to tell so and so about a video you have posted or a cool blog you started. Then those friends have to tell their friends. It virtually snowballs and before you know it there is an increase of virtual traffic to your prized areas online.

For newsgroups and social groups that you have joined select to reply via email to the entire group instead of via web post. Your neat little signature with that link in it will automatically post while you’re being active in something you enjoy. Those people are no different then friends and family. Some will be curious and nosy and click the link leading them to your creation. The next thing you know there is yet another virtual snowball effect of visitors coming to the site.

What is wonderful about signature goldmines is that you are not spamming. No-one is getting ticked off at you because you sent them an email begging them to please stop by your corner of cyberspace. The signature is at the bottom of the emails and totally up to the recipient to click or not. You’re sending letters, chit chat and being active in a group and not spamming.
Take advantage of the Internet signature goldmine that is literally at your fingertips. Your everyday correspondence and social interactions can snowball into an avalanche of virtual visitors to your part of cyberspace.

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2 Responses to “Signature Goldmine”

  1. Coop Search Says:

    keep it come you dont have a search box on your blog??

  2. Rea Maor Says:

    i had a search box, but no one used it, so i removed it..
    if it means that much to you i’ll be more then happy to add it 🙂

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