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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Making Money Online - Friday, May 11th, 2007

Time to share anther great blog for money tip that I’ve just discovered,
they are called “Smorty” and they are Perfect for small blogs AND established blogs
that wish to get paid for blogging, with a great ranking system they offer anything from
6 to 100 USD per post, which can result if a VERY nice monthly salary if you’re willing to work hard enough.
Since the starting this blog 4 months ago I find myself straggling to find new methods
to generate few extra dollars per month, it’s always a problem as big companies like
ReviewMe & Text-Link-Ads won’t accept any blog that doesn’t reach a certain amount of traffic (probably based upon Google Page Rank and Alexa’s rating), instead preferring Quality over Quantity, luckily I’ve found (Thanks to Blogging Tip) “Smorty”, as I’ve just began using them I cannot really tell you how good or bad they are, but on the first 24 hours initial trial they scored big time for me, they have manually reviewed and accepted my blog within 4 hours after the initial registrations and also provided me with initial 4 review requests just to get me starting.

Unlike other sites they DO allow small blogs to join in, they pay Bi-Weekly via Paypal and overall seem to be very honest and welcoming.

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