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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Social Networks - Monday, September 24th, 2007

A little-known snow-clone on sites like Slashdot involves the follow-up post to any post proposing a brilliant (well, to the poster) solution to the email spam problem, in the form of a reply checklist. Here is one original copy. The idea is to point out that it’s all been done and said before.

Well, Web 2.0 has brought us the social web and social news bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Netscape, et al. And with it have come problems with the system, mainly spammy links and comments. And inevitably, the complaints and proposed solutions. So I thought I’d update the list for our new times, with the:

Social News Solution Form

Your comment advocates a

( ) technical ( ) legislative ( ) market-based ( ) vigilante

approach to improving the social news experience. Your idea will not work. Here is why it will not work:

( ) Submitters can easily exploit it
( ) Legitimate submissions would be affected
( ) No one will be able to figure out how to use the system
( ) It is defenseless against financially-motivated rigging
( ) It will stop bad submissions for two weeks and then we’ll be stuck with it

( ) Site members will not put up with it
( ) Web 2.0 will not put up with it
( ) The advertisers will not put up with it
( ) Requires too much cooperation from voters
( ) Requires immediate total cooperation from all site members at once
( ) The site owner cannot afford to lose business or alienate potential members
( ) Submitters don’t care about down-votes
( ) Users don’t care about karma
( ) Anyone could anonymously destroy anyone else’s reputation

Specifically, your plan fails to account for

( ) Site policy expressly prohibiting it
( ) Lack of centrally controlling authority for user behavior
( ) Subtly altered URLs in foreign countries
( ) Ease of tracking all previously submitted URLs
( ) Strength of user cabals
( ) Unpopularity of weird new rules
( ) Users reluctance to accept weird new forms of history tracking

( ) Huge existing software investment in AJAX
( ) Susceptibility of any web scripting language to attack
( ) Willingness of users to be careful how they vote
( ) Armies of Storm botnet Windows boxes
( ) Eternal arms race involved in all submission-filtering approaches
( ) Extreme profitability of link-spam
( ) Mechanical Turk CAPTCHA crackers and/or user-ID theft
( ) Technically illiterate website owners
( ) Extreme stupidity on the part of people who pay to get their link to the front page

( ) Dishonesty on the part of asstroturfers themselves
( ) Bandwidth costs on the server that are affected by elaborate filter scripts
( ) Internet Explorer

and the following philosophical objections may also apply:

( ) Ideas similar to yours are easy to implement in a comment only
( ) Any scheme based on vote control is unacceptable
( ) Site submissions should not be the subject of legislation
( ) Blacklists suck

( ) Whitelists suck
( ) We should be able to vote for whatever we want to
( ) Countermeasures should not involve libel
( ) Countermeasures should not involve sabotage of public networks
( ) Countermeasures are no deterrent
( ) Submitting and voting on links should be free
( ) Why should we have to trust you and your new social news site?
( ) Incompatibility with handicapped or foreign language users
( ) Feel-good measures do nothing to solve the problem

( ) Submission or vote limits are cumbersome
( ) I don’t want the whole user base looking over my shoulder
( ) Killing them that way is not agonizing and sadistic enough

Furthermore, this is what I think about you:

( ) Sorry pal, but I don’t think it would work.
( ) This is a stupid idea, and you should know better.
( ) Nice try, but the fact that your comment is currently at -55 should tell you something.

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