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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Humor - Sunday, August 5th, 2007

I think it’s about time we invented games for today’s Internet. We’ve watched Web 2.0 evolve and get stuck in ruts long enough that we can predict the patterns. Drinking games especially go well with the modern web. I find the Internet more stimulating after the third beer, anyway.

Pop Celebrity Diva drinking game – Every time you first spot a new story about Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or other airhead pop celebrity on a social news site, have another beer every time you see the exact same headline pop up on another social news site. Better call the game over after 24 hours, because nobody could possibly stand to go on after that.

Linux drinking game – Every time you see a Linux headline make the front page of a social news site, go to the comments and have a shot the first time you spot each of the following trolls: “Linux will never make it on the desktop.” “Linux is free only if your time is worth nothing.” “Linux is too confusing because of all the distros.” “Until Joe Sixpack can use Linux without help, it will never be adopted.” Read slowly so you don’t pass out.

Microsoft release drinking game – When Microsoft releases a new version of a major piece of software, you and your buddies make a pool and each try to predict – in hours – how long it will be until the first security exploit for it shows up. Winner is the closest without going over. Everybody owes the winner a drink.

Jack Thompson drinking game – Similar to the above, but we’re counting the days from the release of a major console game until American lawyer Jack Thompson comes out with a statement using the new game as an example for how violence in video games is corrupting our youth and turning us all into serial killers. Bonus shots all around if he pins a completely unrelated social ill (teen pregnancy, drug addiction) on video games as well.

News-feed headline drinking game – Visit a news aggregator page and scroll down the headlines, taking a sip every time you see one of the following exact phrases with no other description: “Best/Worst _____ Ever!!!” “Funny Video” “OMG! SO FUNNY!” “Look at this! [PIC]” “Cool CSS/Javascript/AJAX Hack” “Photoshop this: ….”

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