Speak to the Customer, Don’t Babble!

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Making Money Online - Friday, April 27th, 2007

In my experiences in the eCommerce business, I have learned a lot of useful tips and tricks to make business interactions more friendly and less confusing. Today, I plan to share one of these tips with you.

Most online business owners think they have to talk to everyone they meet or interact with using their fancy industry-specific lingo. However, I will bluntly state: Speak to the Customer, Don’t Babble!

You may be wondering, ‘œwhat is the difference?’ so I will now explain what the difference is and why you should not babble!

When I talk with my clients, I never sit there and use harsh, confusing terms that they may not understand. It makes the whole process longer and complicating. Therefore, I always talk to my clients on a personal level. Instead of saying ‘œOur company has mastered marketing…’; I simply say ‘œI have been in the marketing business and learned the in-and-outs…’ There is no need for the hefty lingo. None! Don’t do it!

Clients would rather be talked to like a human-being rather than a computer. If you are a large corporation, like Adobe or Dell, then obviously the circumstances are different in some aspects. However, small eCommerce businesses go too far in talking with their clients as to, in a way, make their clients feel inadequate or under-educated.

Now, although you may be thinking ‘œWell I want my clients to know I am smart in my industry,’ you are in the wrong state of mind. YOU want to be smart in the industry, and you would like your clients to trust your knowledge and have no regrets by choosing your company BUT if you are past the introduction, you and your company have already gained all the attention you need to claim the consumer as your client.

Talk to your customers/clients as if they were a close personal friend. It seems unprofessional to do this; however, when you talk to them on a personal level, their trust and admiration for you and your company are increased. Your client now feels like you work only for them, as if you have no other intentions in your industry except to make their needs come true.

This is by far the best form of ‘œmarketing’ you could have. There are many ways to sell your product of service, however ‘œWord of Mouth’ is by far the most successful. If you treat one client well and talk to them on a personal level, they will, in return, not be ashamed to admit they have used your services.

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