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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Blog Updates - Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

It’s been a busy week, lots of holidays and lots of food? there’s nothing like family quality time to understand how much you hate the holiday season.

This week was very special for me: five new sites has decided to buy a new link on my site. I’m not sure how they found my site, but I can’t complain.

Some Quick Thank-You’s:

#1 Mac Poker – While I’m not a great Poker fan I sure am a Mac fan, and from my blog’s stats I can verify that more than 30% of my readers are using Mac sto read this website. Overall, it seems to be a very nice website with a lot of information regarding Poker (World Poker news, Poker related articles, Poker Strategy and so much more).

#2 C# Programming Forum – It’s not a big secret that I’m not a MS fan, In fact I’m pretty much Anti-Microsoft or anything Microsoft related. So C# programming is not really my area, but nevertheless someone as professional as I am can no doubt stay objective. From a programmer’s point-of-view, this forum is Heaven on Earth. It’s full of code snippets and bits of code example, and has a nice community with a very large user base and posting base. If you’re into MS programming you’d better check this place out.

#3 Web magazine Today’s life , “Digital Web Magazine” – While many of his subjects might not be my cup of tea, I can always find interest in some of his “general” topics. For example, “Why Putin killed Litvinenko”, “Google: Good or Evil?”, MySpace. Beyond The Phenomenon.”, and “Iraq :Is There Any Hope Left?“. As a side note, I have to say that the design itself is little bit massy for a blog or even a magazine, and I do hope he’ll redesign his website and add some more content.

#4 45% Affiliate Program – I’m a great fan of Hyip programs! There’s nothing like easy money, but sadly I know NOTHING about sports or Sports events (except the Tour de France). Nevertheless, this site offers you a GREAT opportunity to earn 45%(!) of netLOSS. Yes, as weird (and logical) as it might sound, they’ll pay you when whoever you affiliated with LOSE, and if that’s not being evil, I don’t know what is. They’ll also offer you a one-time payment of $300 per-client and 15% of deposits. I wouldn’t play those games if I were you, because you’ll always, but ALWAYS, lose money ? and still I would sure be happy to get your money 🙂

#5 SEO Agency – In today’s competitive world you MUST get the advantage if you want to make the sale (or drive traffic to your website or do anything SEO-related). With their help, you can rest assured that someone is doing that hard job in your place. From their rich portfolio it seems that they know what they’re doing and they have many happy clients.

And now for a little offer for those of you still reading:

Advertise here ? FOR FREE!!!

Do you want to advertise on my site as well ? Are you cheap tightwad that don’t like to pay? Well, if you’re serious enough, you don’t even have to pay. Actually, with this method you can advertise on MY site for 10 months (!!!) without paying anything. Now, how you do it? Well, that’s pretty simple ? all you need to do is go to the Text-Link-Ads website, where they have this great FREE $100 Coupon. Next, you need to register with them and go to my page portfolio and order your link. Of course, you’re not limited and you can advertise wherever you might want, But look at this swinging site I have going, here! Why would you want to advertise anywhere else? So, what’s a better way to show your love and prove you’re not a cheap tightwad then to get FREE stuff AND donate FREE money to me ?!

You’re welcome…

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