The 13 Handiest Free Online Tools for Webmasters

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Yes, I know, these will come in just as handy for bloggers, web designers, MySpace and Yahoo users, and even plain old random people. But I like the title “webmaster” – it’s so manly! Yeah! Real Men master the web! Anyway, on with the show: Niche Bot – Great for tracking SEO keywords. Enter any […]

Reasons why I havnt blogged

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Top Reasons I Haven’t Updated This Blog in Six Months 1) I’ve been breathlessly watching to see how the MicroHoo soap opera plays out. Will Microsoft buy Yahoo? Will Yahoo partner with Google? Will Yahoo sell Flickr? Will Microsoft buy Digg? Will Digg sleep with Yahoo to get back at Microsoft while Microsoft blackmails Google […]

Dancing the Google Dance

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You may have heard the term “Google dance” tossed around on the Internet, and wondered what it means. Well, you know how when you’re looking for something – like your car keys – and you pat your pockets and turn around and stoop over to look under the newspaper and run to the closet to […]