Pictures to be Banned From the Internet – 2008

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Hello, is this your first day? Welcome to the Internet! The Internet is going to prove to be a huge, delightful smorgasbord of fun and laughs for all, but it comes with a warning. The warning is that, if you have been on the Internet for less than five years, you should not be allowed […]

Geek Insults – Or Things Computer Literates Call You Behind Your Back

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I was browsing and chanced upon 8 Medical Terms Your Doctor Uses to Insult You. Cool idea, I thought, because the computing community has words like that, too. Here’s the list. If you see one of these expressions stamped on your support ticket at the computer repair center, or if the field engineers at […]

If Geek Sexual Roles Were Reversed

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Whether it be in Geekdom, Linux, programming, gaming, web design, or anything else touching the IT sphere, the lament is heard over and over: where are all the girl geeks? Well, guys, let’s try putting ourselves in the ladies’ place and see if we can figure out what it’s like for them… IRC Linux_ghetto chat, […]