New Rules Just For Programmers

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Being one of the geek/coder lot, I was going to be nice to the programmers. Especially the ones who blog. After all, there’s no reason to be embarrassed at the nauseating ignorance of another – no one speaks for all of us, and it shouldn’t reflect on me. But after reading some of the sites […]

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Yahoo

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Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Yahoo With Microsoft trying to take over Yahoo and being all over the news lately, there’s a lot of FUD being spread about them. You can’t see a news article with Yahoo in the title without stumbling upon the most outrageous lies lately. So let’s clear up some air, […]

More of Bill Gates’ Legacy – a Link List

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For those of you sick of the sugar-coated white-washing of one of history’s most notorious monopolist criminals and the world’s most abusive corporation, I present here some more enlightened reading on the subject of Bill Gates and Microsoft. Let the other websites send him off like a saint as he retires. We report the truth […]