Ten Exercises to be a Better Geek

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1. View Source It’s right there for free all over the web. Make a habit of it, and pretty soon you’ll train yourself to see the second web – the world of Meta-tags and Javascript libraries and CSS style and comments – some of them quite fun! I’ve known several sites that were easier to […]

New Rules Just For Programmers

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Being one of the geek/coder lot, I was going to be nice to the programmers. Especially the ones who blog. After all, there’s no reason to be embarrassed at the nauseating ignorance of another – no one speaks for all of us, and it shouldn’t reflect on me. But after reading some of the sites […]

The Programming Languages Zoo

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It’s time to play our favorite game: “geek analogy”. Where we take a category of objects in a class known to geeks and make up hysterically funny comparisons to a set of real-world objects. Today, I’d like to talk about what animal each of the programming languages would be if they were occupants of a […]