The 13 Handiest Free Online Tools for Webmasters

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Friday, July 25th, 2008

Yes, I know, these will come in just as handy for bloggers, web designers, MySpace and Yahoo users, and even plain old random people. But I like the title “webmaster” – it’s so manly! Yeah! Real Men master the web! Anyway, on with the show:

Niche Bot – Great for tracking SEO keywords. Enter any word or group of words into the query box, fill in the CAPTCHA or create an account, hit ‘search’, and it will find the most common search which include those terms from the major search engines. Many other SEO tools on the same site!

PopURI – Enter your domain name, and in one step get your Google page rank, Alexa and Compete rank, backlinks, bookmarks, and much more.

SocialMeter – A similar idea, but this one checks your links from social bookmarking sites.

Google’s own keyword tool – You can just enter your site URL after checking the ‘website content’ option, enter your site URL and check the box to make it crawl other pages on your site and not just the front page. Google pops up with a very broad list of keyword ideas. You can see all kinds of juicy data like how much demand there is for a search term.

Wikipedia’s list of public domain images – Plenty of free stuff here! Find images of everything from poster art to book illustrations, all free to use on your site, or derive some Photoshop-type fun.

Google gadgets – Find hundreds of spiffy little sidebar gizmos here – anything from games to maps to quotes-of-the-day. All free to cut and paste into your site.

BrowserShots – One of the coolest tools, but it tends to go down whenever it gets posted to Reddit or Digg – which is every three months or so! Enter your site URL here and check only those boxes you want for the corresponding browser. Come back in about half an hour, and you have screenshots of your site in different browsers. How handy is that? Saves you the trouble of running 15 computers to check your site in every possible browser.

BuiltWith – Check what a website reports that it’s running. You can either use this to confirm what your web host is serving your site with (What version of Apache do I have again?) or what another site is running (how do they do that so fast?).

Browser ID strings – One full list of every known possible user-agent string. Now, when you check your site’s traffic reports, you can get a better idea of which browsers and operating systems your visitors typically use, and then optimize for those.

Stuff-a-Blog – Stuck for an idea, or just too lazy to blog today? The BMash tool here lets you enter a few keywords, and then it will round up Flickr images, Yahoo questions, Google news, Amazon books, maps, and just about anything else you can think of to complement your post – even related links from your site!

AboutUs – Are you in the Who’s-who of web directories yet? If not, get in and claim your site today! AboutUs is becoming a web directory that is relied on by major listing sites – it’s becoming what DMOZ should have been, before it was abandoned.

The Generator Blog – The Generator Blog has gone on for years now posting new web generators that it finds. Many of these will be great time-savers for making link buttons, sig bars, fun images, and frivolous doodads.

Letter Database – How’s your international audience coming along? Are you using the correct character set for your language? And what about when you just need that one funny symbol for another country’s currency or an umlat over the name of a heavy-metal band? This one link can take the pain out of Unicode.

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  1. Binny V A Says:

    Thanks for the list – I have not heard about many of these tools.

  2. Scott H Says:

    Nice list, quite a few I hadn’t seen either. Some really helpful ones at the top.

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