The Most Exotic Computer and Internet History Links

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Computers and Technology - Friday, August 10th, 2007

Geek culture nostalgia – If we didn’t love it, sites like Boing Boing and Wonderland wouldn’t be popular. But for really digging down to the roots, you might need to check out some of these forgotten corners of the web…

  • Textfiles – The archive of text files that used to be posted on BBSes before the World Wide Web.
  • GUI Timeline – The illustrated history of the graphical user interface, from the very first Xerox Alto through the Amiga golden years to today’s Windows Vista systems.
  • VAX history – Yes, you heard me! Decades ago, if you hacked a VAX, you were so leet you couldn’t be touched!
  • GUI guidebook – Another site which attempts to sort and catalog every desktop in computer history.
  • Living Internet – Nothing less than the history of the Internet, presented in a matrix, which has nothing to do with The Matrix.
  • Unix history – You may be surprised to discover just how far-reaching Unix’s influence is.
  • The Origins of Microsoft – As told by somebody who remembers when Windows came on a floppy disk!
  • The 10 Biggest Computer Flops of All Time – Who were the losers of the Information Age?
  • Commodore User Manual – Yes, that’s the Commodore 64!
  • Quux server – A real, live, honest-to-goodness Gopher protocol server! Still kicking and doing quite well!
  • 36 bit archive – Exploring the world of DEC computing.
  • The Geek Test – Now, did you do your homework with the links above? Test yourself with the original geek test – the one and only which started it all.

And why not have everybody come back here to post their geek test score in the comments, and remind me of what else I forgot to include here?

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