The Seven Wonders of the Web

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Misc - Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Good old Web 2.0! There’s nothing quite like it to inspire hype. Why, we’re the Internet Nation! We can do… anything! We can make Digg post HD-DVD cracks in hexadecimal! We can write our own encyclopedia! We can search for extraterrestrial life! And if we don’t like the 7 Wonders of the World – why, we’ll just vote for new ones.

Wow, let’s make a website and put out a donation can – time to crowd-source our opinion on the monuments most deserving of our attention. Miss the deadline of 7/7/07? Too bad. Live on Easter Island and can’t get to an Internet access point to vote for those stone heads your family’s been worshiping for generations? Oh well, no participation in global awareness for you. Didn’t know about the Official Declaration Ceremony in Lisbon Portugal until after it happened, and thus missed the only time Jennifer Lopez and Ben Kingsley would share a stage? Your grandkids will be so disappointed – just make something up to tell them, OK? All you’ll have to point to is the Wiki listing.

In any case, since so many of us were not made aware of the publicity stunt of the week, I will fix that by suggesting that each of us make our own 7 Wonders list. And to tie it all in with Internet culture, do it LOLCATS style: LOL7WONDERZ!

Christ Redeemer


Easter Island

Great Wall


Statue Liberty

Tower of Pisa

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