The Weirdest Sites Ever

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Humor - Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

The net gets pretty strange. But here are one person’s picks for the cream of the freaky:

The Rubber-Band Shooting Guide Oh, like you’re such an expert at office supply warfare that you don’t need pointers!

General Zod 2008 He couldn’t be worse than any of the other candidates.

Sherry Shriner Every weird sites list needs at least one deranged religious ranter. This is the one.

the Boring Web Page The exact opposite of Web 2.0.

Kibo Nobody beats the classics. Kibo, an acronym for “Knowledge In, Bull**** Out”, has been the Internet’s only native surrealist comedian for two decades.

the Incredible Hulk’s blog Surprisingly large vocabulary for someone who only grunts in person.

the Wikinovel You know how they make Wikipedia? Apply the same process to a novel and what do you get?

Time Cube Every weird site list needs at least one deranged metaphysical ranter. This is the one.

Viagra-Holics Anonymous People. Addicted. To Viagra. And they need support. Why, God, why?

IP Spotting What does your IP address look like as a bitmap? As a poker hand? Is it prime? What on Earth will you do with this information?

Church of the SubGenius We had to put one parody religion in here. Don’t leave without finding and downloading images from the Art Mines section, which is guaranteed to supply you with some of the most disturbing wallpaper your computer will ever see.

Zombo The longest Flash animation introduction for a web page in all of Internet history, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Reality Carnival Clifford Pickover packs a peck of pickled puzzles. Links to weird stuff going back for years.

Things to do while downloading How did you ever get by without it?

Zombie Alert Products Exactly what you think it is.

Spam Radio The world had to wait so long for this…

the BoohBah Zone The website from the alternate universe. Somebody, somewhere, must know what this means. Mind you, the place is fun…

Gary Spivey Every weird site list needs at least one bogus psychic. This is the one.

Malevolent Alien Abduction Research A field guide to extraterrestrial visitors. The fact that you can’t find this information in Wikipedia just goes to show how far their conspiracy reaches.

How to Install Linux on a Dead Badger Note: This isn’t tested with kernels greater than 2.4.

Long Cycle Excuse me, could you put just a little more junk on your page? I can still sort of tell what it’s about. 2006 winner on “Web Pages That Suck”.

Shatnerology We take it back. We had to put two parody religions in here. Besides, it’s The Shat! How cool is that?

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