Useless gadgets of the week #2

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Hardware and Gadgets - Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Yes, yes.. it’s that special time of the week again, the Useless (but funny) gadget review.

Lets start with this week’s USB toy, “The USB Hamster Wheel
yes, yes.. i know what you’re thinking.. it’s the same old USB powered robotic hamster that we all love and cannot live without..
sadly.. you’re almost right, this Hamster is powered by 3 x AA batteries
and when you hook it up to the USB port it runs as you type, yes yes .. when you type. the faster you type the faster it runs.
If speed typing wont impress the girls then the Hamster sure will.

USB hamster
Squick means low batteries

it should be compatible with Windows 2000 and above and it’s not recommended for children younger than 10 years old (if you are among them ask your older brother to buy you one !).
if you MUST buy one, do so from the following website:
Super USB hamster to the rescue

After we impressed the girls and scared the life out of your grandmother with this totally useless toy, you have to call your friends and tell them about this (Skype doesn’t count as phone !).

what’s a better way to do it then with this cool Retro style cellphone Handset ?
Retro style cellphone handset
ok, ok.. it’s not really cool, or useful for that matter but who on earth would like to downgrade his 9.7 Generation cellphone with that ?
if you still think you’ve got nothing better to do with 14.99 USD (other then donate them to me) or if your parents cannot seems to understand
today’s cellphones you’re more then welcome to order it

And now for the last Useless gadget for this week,
They are all around the web, they’re funny and they’re hot (for your USB port ?!)
these are the Humping Dogs USB drive.
Humping dogs USB drive (dont ask)

As fun (?!) and useful as it sound (?!?) it’s not even a real USB drive,
it’s only.. only.. Humping Dog !
this is one of those things that you just have to see for yourself to understnad.

oh ye, and if you want to buy them, Good luck.. they’re sold out !

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