Webroot Spy Sweeper – an up-close look

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Website and Product Review - Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Since we’ve been chattering for a while about web security, and
products to protect your computer from attacks, I thought I’d take a
look at one such product. Of course, we all know the big companies, so
no need to talk more about them. But remember when I said that what one
virus and spyware scanning software misses, another one will pick up?
So it’s best to have several.

Spy Sweeper is one such application. First thing off the bat, it comes with a free thirty-day trial.
This is always a sure sign of a company that is confident in their
product, when they’ll give you a whole month to see how it works. Some
of the best anti-virus tools I’ve ever found have been

Second, it’s had excellent write-ups on software review sites. PC Magazine has called it “miles ahead of the competition.” Sci-Tech Today
says “Webroot’s consistent efforts at monitoring threats have made Spy
one of the most respected and effective antispyware solutions

In fact, the only concrete negative that any sites that
I’ve found have had to say is that Spy Sweeper is slow to scan. And
granted, you would probably want to schedule it for offtime, like have
it run while you’re sleeping. Come to think of it, have you ever found
a fast
spyware scanner? In today’s world of 100-Gigabyte hard drives and
directories of a thousand MP3 files, a fast scanner is either a dream,
or not thorough enough.

Like with any security measure, you don’t want to think
that it alone would protect you. But together with a secure web usage
plan, Spy Sweeper seems like a solid product that you can count on.

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