Weird google Search Results on my site.

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Microsoft and Windows - Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

every now on then (who am i kidding, practically every 5 minutes) i love to check my Search Engine referrals to see what people were looking for in my site and how they found it,

Here are just few examples (together with short answers)

galaga activity phpbb: At first i didn’t understand how and why they found me only then i figured it out, it was due to my Vintage Gaming article which somehow connected with phpBB and the Activity Mod, hope i helped…

Galaga - The game and the search engine error.

what opens .7z file mac: That was an easy one, .7z is an extension for 7zip compressed files, you can read all about it on the “Zip Zoo” article

ask jeeves average age of alien abductees: hmmm… the Ask Jeeves part was probably picked up as related keywords from one of my Search Engine articles, but as for the Alien abductees.. only god knows…
in future i always suggest you carry the “Alien UFO Detector Strap” i’ve reviewed.

ask what is my name: You dont have to ask or search anymore.. my name is Rea Maor (hunch the name “Ask Rea Maor”)

damn small linux monitor refresh rate: no need to get mad at Google, he’s not the one to blame.. XFree86 sets your refresh rate automatically to the highest possible, if you still think the refresh rate is too low you might want to buy a better Video Card or try to Download newer drivers for your card.

sound not playing explorer 7: This might be one of the following:
– Your computer might be infected with Spyware / Adware which are Overwriting or blocking
content you’re trying to hear
– You’re trying to view a video file and dont have the right codec, just go to the following site
and download all the codecs you might need:
Or, if all has failed Format your computer Install one of the free Linux Disterbutions with FireFox.. you just simply cant go wrong with them…

In future, you’re more then invited to just use the ASK ME link if you have Anything on your mind or if all has failed you’re more then welcome to endanger your life and Post a (god forbid) comments or two on the related subject.

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