Weird Science Blogs That Will Blow Your Gourd

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Misc - Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Geeks, you love science! And best of all, you love weird science. Because that’s the stuff that’s eerily fascinating, is the creepy edge of scientific knowledge. The best kind is the stuff that hints at a hidden world that we will never quite explore and never quite be able to hide. That’s what we’ll try to find, knocking around the web…

Fortean Times – Charles Hoy Fort was an American writer and researcher into anomalous phenomena. Most people will hear the name and think “Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster,” but the Fortean Society has stretched ever farther past there.

PostHuman Blues – The “PostHuman” movement explores what will happen after humans, in their present sense, cease to exist, whether by evolving into something else or just getting wiped out. Now that we know that, here’s a whole blog dedicated to dystopian futures, realistic robots that could replace us, mutations, genetic upheavals, apocalypses…

Amazing Illusions – At the intersection between your optic nerve and your brainstem lies a vast, unknowable territory where things can look as unreal as they are real. Nothing shakes up your perception like seeing something you know is impossible.

Crafty Puzzles – Puzzles aren’t just little self-contained mysteries. Every time you solve one, you learn a tiny bit of something about how the brain works. Why do we intuitively make the wrong first move so often?

Strange Clips – Simply put, it’s videos of bizarre phenomena. When we just checked, the front page has a cat trying to resuscitate a friend, an erupting volcano, Siamese twin crocodiles, and a dude who set off fireworks in his ears.

Psychonaut – The site is good enough to provide a definition: “One who trips or embarks on shamanic odysseys of discovery in the universe of the mind; a mental voyager.” Nevertheless, you’ve got some spooky stuff between your ears, or else you wouldn’t have those weird dreams you do.

The 6000 – This is just a blog of 6000 people – scientists, philosophers, religious leaders, artists, and other quirky characters. Each of them with their own unique point of view; many of them eager to challenge yours.

Slightly Warped – They have a cabinet of curiosities. Meh, maybe not all of them are fascinating weird science anomalies, but at this point in the list, are you going to complain?

SciCurious – Just a run-of-the-mill weird science blog. Focuses more on the established science-type stuff, in case you’re sick of ghosts and aliens.

World of Weird Things – Exactly what it says on the label. This one takes a more scientific tack, exploring fringe theories and bizarre hypothesis.

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