What what?! I’ve been tagged?!

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

Well, I’ve been “Tagged” I hope it’s not contagious.
Anyway, following the Tagging unwritten rules (actually, they were written on the email)
I’m suppose to tell 8 things about this blog or myself, after quick thinking and due to the fact
that I don’t have anything (serious) on my “About Me” page, I’ll go with the Personal Facts.

1. I don’t smoke, never tried and not really interested in trying.
2. I’ve built my first Revenue Generating site by the age of 14 (it was harder to make money on 1998, trust me).
3. Some people collect stamp, some people collect bugs I collect Sickness Bags (I own more than 114 Unique bags and over 1000 with all the duplicates)
4. The only thing I REALLY regret in life is the fact that I’ve published a REALLY bad picture of myself
at the age of 16/17 on “RateMyPicutre” (http://www.ratemypicture.com/profiles/46557.shtml)
5. I’ve got myself banned from eBay because I’ve sold “Brand new 37″ Toshiba LCD box” (the box alone)
6. By the age of 16 I had a Hosting Company (Several Dedicated Servers) and was running 17 Adult Entertainment websites (Including Dialers and many more Money scams)
7.I have a girlfriend for almost 4 years now
8.I won an American Green Card with the DV Lottery
9. I served 3 full years on the Israeli Army (Mandatory in my country)
10. Last summer, during the “Second Lebanon war” I’ve sold Rocket pieces on eBay for a total
revenue of 1047.32 USD
11. I HATE computer games (beside Sam and Max and other Quests) I always get too nervous playing.
12. I have 5 dogs (Tsunami, Dvash,Leechy,Booby,Kinder), 8 Cats (Garfield, Kiso,Noket,Shtihmus, amadox (Hatoly mefagery),Pesia, Kisa, Ktana/Unnamed (Hatoly Gingy Katan), one duck (!) (Platfus) and one Bird (Linux)
13. When I was 16, I planted Marijuana and Broadcast it 24/7 over the net, the title was “come Watch the Grass Grow”
14.I was among the first 100 Beta testers of ICQ, back then I had 4 number ID.

If that was enough incriminating facts I don’t know what is! 🙂
As for my Tags,
1. Nafcom, as he was the one who originally tagged me and I love his blog (that’s the third time) and also he was the Second blog to link me (after I spammed him)

2. John Chow, I don’t even remember how I found this guy but he seems to be Very evil, not as evil as I can be… but pretty evil (and making a lot of money out of it)

3. ProBlogger (Darren Rowse), one of the daily blogs I look into, always fresh and interesting.

4. Carl Ocab, he’s only 14 years old and already has something to say in this world, he adds a VERY interesting point of view of a 14 years old guy to the Blogosphere.

5. Penguin Pete’s, I don’t care what you guys thing about his design, I just LOVE him 🙂

6. The Daily Hack, I’m not sure why he stopped updating, but nevertheless he has a warm corner in my heart.

7. Kyle MacDonald, to those of you who don’t know him, he is the “One red paper clip” guy, he exchanged one red paper clip for a house (!) with noting except his blog.

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