What Your Web-Browser Says About You – part 2

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Part one can be found at: “Your Web-Browser Says About You – Part One

Wow, what a day…
I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I’ve decided to Reorganize all the categories again,
from almost 30 categories I’ve went down to 16, in my opinion it’s much better that way.
The only problem was that due to the fact that I’ve moved articles from one category to the
other and renamed several categories I actually broke up most of my site…

I had to work up until 4am to create 301 Redirections not to lose all the Search Engine traffic
and main links, I’m sure I’ve lost few but luckily I’ve gain few more links yesterday on the
“What Your Web-Browser Says About You” article (Thanks for all those who took the time to Link back).

Do yourself a favor, NEVER CHANGE CATEGORIES! go with whatever you initially set..
It’s a nightmare… take my word for it…

Ok, I think I’ve wasted enough of your time with my problems… enjoy the Second part
of yesterday’s article, and to all those who feel I’ve forgot a browser or two, NEXT TIME!

SeaMonkey You’re pretty much in the web to hack it, not to look at it. Before, you were wondering when we would have a way to bring the complexity of the Unix command line to the simple web browser world, and now your prayers have been answered. Please don’t hurt the rest of us.

Netscape Your dad set up your computer for you in 1997, and you haven’t had the nerve to try to change anything. You jump for joy every time you get an AOL CD in the mail, because using those free hours is the only way you can get online at all, since your CompuServe account finally ran out.

Mozilla You’re Jamie Zawinski. And you’re laughing your ass off.

Konqueror You’re actually joking. Nobody intentionally goes online with something that has the bloat of Firefox and the functionality of Internet Explorer, while being tied to the kitchen sink of Linux desktops. More likely, you were using your file manager under the watchful gaze of Konqi, when you accidentally entered a URL in the file search field and discovered – surprise! – it can go online.

Camino It’s worth it to cruise the web in Camino, just to hear everybody ooh and aah at how cool you are. First, you were tasteful enough to get a Mac, then savvy enough to install an open source web browser on it. Next, you’ll be telling us your Darwin-based project just got a seven-figure round of investment from silicon valley.

Lynx/Links/w3m If you’re not blind and needing a text-to-speech translator, the only other reason for using a text-mode browser is you’re working in the console and too busy to switch to the desktop just to look up one thing, or you’re archaic or intimidatingly impatient. Or you’re a bot. Come to think of it, text mode browsers don’t say anything reliable about you. Would you like some nice ASCII art to look at?

      ( Y )

Dillo You’re a Dillo developer testing the next release.

Galeon/Epiphany You’re one of those quiet people who hangs out in the back and of whom everybody thinks little about until they come talk to you. Then they find out you’re an exotic dancer, movie stuntman, or NSA agent. This would be discounted, however, by the fact that you use Gnome.

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    lol i love the dillo one

  5. Mung Says:

    Man, I use dillo sometime. And, Jamie Zawinski was a Hero.

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