When should you say NO to money

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Blog Updates - Sunday, August 19th, 2007

I’m must admit, I’m a greedy bastard, I love life and life costs money.
during my 7 months of blogging I’ve discovered many ways to make money online, there’s Text-link-ads, Google Adsense, PayPerPost,LinkWorth and many more – all of those will probably generate you
money without any work from your side (except the actual blogging of course).

When offered money I always say the more the merrier, but is it always true? Just the other day I got offer for $25 from a new
video site calling me to VideoCam (or webcame) myself responding
to some stupid video about taxing.

Here’s my list of Pro and Cons

1. it’s Money! yey!

1. the subject is not my field of expertise, in fact I would very much
prefer to leave it all to my accountant.
2. I HATE recording myself, I feel like a complete idiot doing that
3. Someone can find it YEARS later and use it against me (you may never know what you’ll do in the future – it always helps to be a little paranoid.
4. As a result of #2, I don’t really own a webcam or videocam for that matter, buying one will costs more than $25 so I will in fact
LOSE money on this one.

As you can probably all understand, I Skipped this offer.
I know… I know… it’s a shiny new dollar (or 25 of those)
but come to think of it… it’s not all worth it… and even worst,
it would be considered as SPAM, as I couldn’t care less about this subject.

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