Write for us !

Are you over-clocking your 44 MHz 286 machine to 4Ghrz with the help of 2 lemons and one potato? Are you clustering more than 100 Apple 2 computers together with Linux installed just to run XMame to play Dig-Dug? Does you latest computer case mod startle the neighbors? Are you fond of anything technology-related?

If so, then you have no life whatsoever, which is fine by me. Because I’m looking for guest bloggers! The pressures of work and life – along with being lazy – mean that I can’t always post as often as I’d like to. I’m on the scout for the geekiest guys or gals ever to exist (but I’ll be happy to accept you even if you’re just really cool).

You can do anything at all and write about any subject in the world (as long as it’s technology-related). I’m especially on the lookout for writers who know the following subjects:

  • Programming – Whether in Ruby or COBOL or Klingon-Perl, as long as you care to speak about it you’re welcome to.
  • Web Development – SEO, creating WebPages, MySpace, facebook… talk about it !
  • Gadgets lovers – You say you had a birthday and only just received your first computer? Well, tough luck, we’re going to make you review it in front of the whole world, anyway.
  • Opinions on Microsoft, Apple, Linux? – BSD? Open Solaris? Minix? OS/2 Warp? XTree Gold? PDP 11?
  • Geek hobbies – How about the Hello Kitty Halo 3 mod? Send screen shots.
  • Hooked up any webcams hidden in the girl’s locker room lately? – Give us the URL.
  • Have a social life? – Let us know how you’ve managed to pull that off.
  • If you can bitch write it, we can print it.

What do you get for all that work?

World fame and unlimited love from my grandma! (no… no… don’t go… she’s really nice.) You’ll also get a free kitten every time one of my cats has one (whether you want one or not!). Well, OK, instead let’s say…

All those who will write for us will receive a permanent link under “Authors” with their own home pages. And if that’s not enough I’ll also throw in a back-link to the author’s own blog/webpage on the bottom of their article. Other future options I’m considering like paid posting and revenue sharing are a possibility, but let’s start it slow.

Rules & Guidelines

Unfortunately, there are always rules. The rules are very basic and are given just to make sure we stay on a somewhat of a standard.

  • The content must be original, never published anywhere else. No cribbing from ZDNet or Usenet or a Yahoo group or Aristotle and passing it off for your own.
  • Images have to be less than 400×400 and under 10KB in size, so they don’t break the back of my poor old worn out server or break the layout of my beautiful Tiffany heirloom blog template. Oh, and if you got it from a third party, include a line of copyright text under it, will you?
  • It’s OK to link to your own site if it’s relevant to what you’re talking about. But don’t abuse this to make the whole thing one big scheme to drive traffic to your own site. You’ll already be getting links anyway, don’t make the content SEO spam. You know the difference.
  • No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts; keep it clean within the article itself.

If all of these seem OK to you, then you’re half there. Now, just send me a note via the “Contact Us” link to directly to d3bugg3r (at) Gmail (dot) com, with the article you have in mind – after the first article is published I’ll issue you with future log-in details to make it easier to submit more posts.