ZAR – Backup and Restore solution.

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Loosing personal or corporate data is a nightmare for today’s PC user. Over the years several products have been introduced to recover lost data. ZAR (Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery) is one such recovery tool.

ZAR allows users to recover images from removable media like Memory Stick, Smart Media and Compact Flash. The product supports a variety of image formats like GIF, JPEG, Exif and TIFF etc. That’s not all the list of features keeps on going. You can also recover a whole partition that accidentally got formatted. Through ZAR, reconstructing RAID layout (recovering drive’s partition information) has never been easier, after reconstructing you can recover the lost data. Like other recovery software you can also recover deleted files on a partition. Supported file systems are FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. NTFS compressed is also supported. You can make a backup of restored data on same drive or some other media.

Recovery type

ZAR does not impose annoying file name restrictions for recovering lost files. Now you can recover files with French names, other non-Latin characters are also supported. Files having very long names can also be recovered without a glitch. ZAR comes with a runtime control which allows you to change disk I/O settings on the fly. This feature helps in getting most out of your hardware.

Restoring in progress

ZAR 8.2 is latest version of the software. It was released on May 26, 2007. Previously the product only worked for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. The new version adds support for Windows Vista. Setup file for the product is fairly small in size, approximately 2.37 MB. Its free 30 day trial can be downloaded from the official website.


Unlike other data recovery software in the market, ZAR is extremely compact and efficient tool. It consumes very small amount of memory. User interface is quite intuitive and you can get your work stared right away. During the drive scanning process volume map for the partition is also displayed. The most appealing thing is that you don’t need to install the software prior to data loss. Though license for ZAR is $99, but you can get 50% special discount if you use the code “DISKAUNT”. The major limitation of ZAR is that it only supports Windows operating system. On the whole ZAR is an excellent recovery tool for home and corporate users.

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